• IMPRESS is a strong research environment funded by The Swedish Research Council FORMAS in order to increase our possibility to better predict future carbon balance of forest ecosystems. The core group consists of 10 researchers from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Örebro University.
  • Coniferous forests are a global sink for carbon, and most of the carbon is found below ground. The capacity of forest soils to store carbon is decisive for future climate change.
  • Due to the vast land areas and the long time perspective involved, it is difficult to measure changes in soil C storage on the level of entire biomes. Mathematical models may help to estimate large scale C sequestration, and also enable prognoses of future changes. Our aim is to better understand and predict impacts of forestry, N-deposition, increasing carbon dioxide levels and climate change, in order to provide factual basis for policy decisions about forestry, landscape planning and emission quota.
  • Microorganims – fungi in particular, decompose soil C and mobilise plant nutrients, and are thereby important drivers of soil carbon sequestration. A lack of knowledge about the identity and functional properties of soil fungi, and how they interact with plants to regulate C sequestration, has hampered development of dependable models. New methods rapidly improve our understanding of fungal interactions on a molecular level, and IMPRESS aims to upscale molecular-level understanding to the scale of ecosystems and landscapes.


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